2009 bABy camp of the Big Horns

hope to see you 2010 at bABy camp in Steamboat Springs Colorado (last weekend of June)


Photos from 2009 camp




Papa bear new pants


I can see bABy camp from here!

Tour Group Shell Canyon Overlook

Shell Falls overlook

bABies by Shell Falls

Back country 4WD trip to the Lakes

Overlook of Shell lake (middle) and Adeline Lake (by base of mountains upper right)

Shell Lake

Look!! There is a place you can swim

Yipee we found it!  Oops-I went pee pee in my diapee!


swim in onesie and diaper at 10,000 feet (Brrrrrr)

bABies by the falls

Cross that bridge when we get to it-- oops! NO BRIDGE

Trout Pool in stream below Shell Lake

Wild flowers in bloom 

When was last time you lay a blankie in meadow of wildflowers for a CHANGE?

Purple fields of flowers

Can Bulwinkle and Rocky come to camp too?




Smore and Marshmellow roast by open camp fire

Sitting by camp fire under a bear moon

HIstoric sights seen

bABy at the historic log flume

Cave expedition

Trail hike-- I will wait here while you go to the caves


We said flash light check -- not diaper check!



Hope to see you at bABy camp 2010





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The Nine bABies for 2009 bABy camp had a fine time

The first day was cloudy and rainy.  Fourtunately there were enough breaks in the rain to get the tents and the "big top" up.  Blankies or coats came in handy. Some of the bABies took a road trip to the Big Horn Canyon Recreation area.

On the second day the sky cleared and the bABies took a trip. The first stop was the Shell Falls overlook.   After a bumpy ride down a 4WD road we found the lakes.  A dip in the lake at 10,000 feet was attempted by a few brave (or foolish) bABies. 

Our tow ropes came in handy when we helped pull a tourist from the stream.

The wild flowers were begining to bloom adding color to the mountain meadows.  We also encountered a moose on the way back to camp.  He probably would have enjoyed the taco salad that we feasted on back at the camp.  Roasted marshmellows and smores were on the menu for deserts.

The Third day of camp the bABies saw the historic log flume. We took the scenic route down the Red Grade Road.  A gravel road with steep incline that comes down the face of the Big Horn Mountains.  There is a great view of the valley below.

A fill up of gas for the vehicle and ice cream for the bABies was needed before we headed to the cave. 

Couple bABies hiked part of the way while the rest went into the cave.  An equipment malfunction caused use to turn around in the rain room (after a much needed underground CHANGE.  

It was refreshing to leave the 95 degree temp of the valley and return to the cool camp site for steaks and burgers. 

As usual-- the best thing about 2009 bABy camp was the companionship of old friends and the making of new friends.