General Info and History
"A great place to meet others for a CHANGE"

When was the last time you took a hike in just boots and a diaper? 

On the last weekend of June each summer any bABy or Diaper Lover can join in the fun of bABy camp.  We set up camp in a remote location where we have privacy and can sit by the camp fire in just our diapers.  When it gets cool in the evening we put on our Jamies with feet.  At the higher altitudes the air is a little thinner.  But, the atmosphere at bABy camp will be one of acceptance of your ABDL desires.  

We have found that bABies are pretty good at figuring out how to play with each other.  We do encourage everyone to bring along their favorite squirt gun for the traditional OLE WEST SHOOT OUT.   Depending on the location other activities are planned, such as exploration of a cave.  There are plenty of Kodak moment at bABy camp if you respect the limits of other campers. 


There are other activities in the area for those who are traveling or on vacations

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Cookiemonster and AR-AR were two bABies who thought they were the only bABies in the whole world until they met each other.  In 1992 they decided to have a camp out in a remote area of Wyoming.  They had a great time playing like bABies.  They decided to continue to meet for a CHANGE.

   In 1999 they invited other bABies and there has been a bABy camp every summer since then.